How much money can one make to be entitled to continue to collect SSI are SSD?

That is a difficult question. I will not address the Ticket to Work program. Forgetting that program for a minute, these are the following rules for SSD. If you gross $1040 a month or more, that is interpreted to mean that you are earning substantial gainful activity. If you are currently receiving benefits, you will then enter what is called a Trial Work period (you can enter the Trial Work period for lesser amounts, but typically they will not result in termination of your benefits). Those rules are complicated, but the essence is that you are entitled to work for a few months before your benefits are cut off. Further, even if they cut your benefits off, under certain circumstances you may be entitled to keep your Medicare. If you gross less than $1040 per month, theoretically, that would not reduce your SSD benefits. However, in may alert Social Security that you may have the ability to work and they may review you and determine that you have improved medically and are able to work.

The rules for SSI are little different. Again, there is a complicated formula in determining what monies are counted against your SSI. In essence, the first $80 of earned income is deducted before it is taken into account. They then look at 50% of your gross earned income. There are deductions taken for spouse or children. For example, if you gross $1000 per month of earned income, about $500 per month will be counted against your SSI dollar for dollar. These rules are complicated. He should talk to an attorney to find out more information