St. Petersburg

The city of St. Petersburg lies on a peninsula the west coast of Florida. It was incorporated in 1892. It was cofounded by John Williams and Peter Demens. It was named after the city of the same name in Russia. Mr. Demons and spent many years as a youngster in Russia. It has a current population of approximately 244,000 people. The average high temperature is 81° and the average low temperature is 67°. It has large employers, including the government, such as Raymond James, All Children’s Hospital and Bayfront Medical Center. It has a variety of museums including the Salvador Dali exam and the museum holding the works of Dale Chihuly. The downtown portion has had a huge renaissance including the building of a baseball stadium, the resurgence of Jannus Landing and other music and artistic venues. The city has refurbished its musical venue named the Mahaffey Theatre. It hosts such interesting sporting events as Honda Grand Prix.

Personal Injury

Personal Injury can refer to any injury sustained by a person’s physical body or their mental health and emotions. Personal injury law attorneys are consulted when that injury has been caused by another party either by negligence or intentionally. Personal injury is a type of tort or civil wrong where harm has been caused to one party because another party’s failure to use reasonable care.

Personal Injury covers a very broad spectrum of incidents and personal injury firms see a wide range of different types of cases. The most common type of personal injury compensations claims often involve auto accidents, medical malpractice, work accidents, on-the-job injuries, nursing home neglect or misconduct, defective products, toxic exposure, vehicle defects, and wrongful death to name just a few.

Damages sought by the plaintiff in a personal injury case commonly include seeking the recovery of medical expenses, property damage, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, emotional distress, pain and suffering as well as legal and attorney fees. Damages awarded may involve expected future losses in addition to actual present losses.

Liability is a critical factor in personal injury law. Liability is assessed based upon several factors, including who caused the injury in question and if it was the result of that party showing a lack of reasonable care. Both negligence and recklessness are common liability factors in a personal injury case.

Not all personal injury cases are heard in a court. A good personal injury attorney will often seek to help you settle your case out of court to resolve your issue in a more timely and less costly manner. If an agreement cannot be reached, then the case continues on to civil court.

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