Veterans Service Connected Disability

Veterans service-connected disability consists of representation of veterans who are trying to establish or increase a service-connected injury or illness. The illness or injury may have either been aggravated in the service, or were first treated in the service. This representation also includes non-service-connected pensions, which are for veterans who served during what is defined as war time.

Most claims are service-connected claims. Typically, you may have been injured or treated for an illness during service. Sometimes the injury is as a result of a specific accident. Sometimes, they are as a result of repeated exposure. Examples of repeated exposure might be exposure to artillery, mechanics working on their knees, paratroopers making repeated jumps and the like. We try to prove up the injury or illness through service medical records, statements of other servicemen and even statements of relatives and friends. You may have treated for the illness or injury with private doctors after discharge, and we will try to get those records.

The VA system is very slow. Initial claims can take well over one year. Appeals can take even longer. It can also be very difficult to track the progress of a case. The phone bank at the VA is dysfunctional, and the online access it very limited. This is very unfortunate, and may be due to the huge claim backlog and limited funds to process these claims.

You can have several claims and appeals doing on at the same time. For example, you be determined to have a service-connected injury or illness, but disagree with the rating given. In that instance, you may start receiving benefits, but appeal the rating decision.

We stand ready to meet with you, evaluate your claim and proceed to make your claim, including all appeals.