How do I apply for social security benefits?

The application process for social security benefits is normally done in one of two ways.

The first, and preferred way, is to apply by computer, on-line. The web address for the Social Security site is: After getting to the website, you will see a choice for disability benefits. Follow the instructions. You will be allowed to complete two of the three required forms on-line. Be sure to print the forms that you have completed. After you complete the two forms, the Social Security Administration will get back in touch with you about completing the third form. There may even be additional forms for you to complete.

The second way to apply for social security benefits is to go to your local social security office and fill out the forms there. Normally, you may have to wait a long period of time at the Social Security Administration office. Usually, they will give you the forms and allow you to come back another time with the completed forms. Or, you can make an appointment by calling 1/800/772-1213 and ask for an appointment with your local office. You can find the address for your local office on the social security website or they can help you with that information when you call by telephone. On the website, there is a section in the lower left corner to determine the address of your local office.

When completing these forms, some of the information they will be looking for is as follows:

– They will need to know what kind of work you have performed for the
past 15 years. They will need to know specifics about the work, such as
how long you had to sit, stand, walk, lift and other specific job duties.

– They also will want to know the names and addresses of all doctors you
have seen for the conditions that currently make you unable to work. If
you have had the condition for a long period of time, it would be best to
give them the names of doctors who have treated you over the years.

– It is also important to explain specifically how these conditions prevent
you from working. In other words, you will need to explain if you are
limited in sitting, standing, walking, lifting, kneeling, crouching, stooping,
including activities of daily living such as cleaning, cooking and so forth.

The SSI application cannot be completed on-line. When you do complete the SSI application, there will be a number of questions about your financial situation. This may require some time on your part.

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How to get on disability

Learn how to get on disability / how to claim disability. Speak with experienced Florida attorneys for social security disability. The benefits application process for social security benefits is normally done in one of two ways: online or at a local office. SSI cannot be applied for online.