Psychological symptoms and disability

Social security benefits can be granted for just psychological disabilities. That is to say, you can be disabled for having psychological problems even though you have no physical limitations. The diagnosis is not as important as the symptoms. Simply having bipolar disorder, depression, PTSD or anxiety, in and of themselves, is not necessarily disabling. The symptoms from those disorders must be serious enough to disable you.

Examples of symptoms that might disable someone would be inability to concentrate, racing mind, inability to get along with others,  inability to get out of bed for days on end,  inability to leave the house without panic attacks., and serious panic attacks. These symptoms must be severe despite treatment and medication. The symptoms must continue to be serious even than have done your best to get better.

If you are unable to get treatment  you can still apply. If you can show that you have made every effort to get treatment, and still cannot get treatment, and your symptoms are very serious, you can obtain benefits. That would also be true if you were getting treatment but were unable to afford your medication.

It is important to report your symptoms to your physician or caseworker. Do not hold back. Do not pretend things are good. Do not try to play the tough person. You need to let the person who treats you know exactly what is going on. You should keep a diary. I have another column within the FAQ telling you ways to keep a diary and what to write down. The diary should be legible. It should be able to be copied so it can be submitted to the Social Security Administration. Other people can assist you in keeping the diary so long as it is your thoughts on the page. They also can complete other forms or write letters outlining how they see you. Those also can be submitted.

If you have psychological symptoms that you believe prevent you from work you should investigate applying for Social Security. I can advise you as to whether the symptoms and the proof are enough to go forward.

Psychological symptoms and disability