Why Hire A Lawyer?

Should you hire a lawyer to represent you in your claim for Social Security disability or SSI benefits? You might as well ask whether you should perform your own surgery or extract your own teeth. There is a reason that people go to specialists. People hire doctors, electricians and plumbers because they have specialized knowledge that takes years to attain. This is true for most, if not all, professions. It is true for a lawyer. If you try to save money by doing it yourself, usually you get what you pay for.

This is an important time in your life. You need someone who knows what they’re doing. You need someone who can tell you what is happening. You need someone who knows how to handle a Social Security disability or SSI case from pre-application through the payment of benefits. That is what we do. If you have not applied, we talk to you about how long the case will take. We can tell you what, if anything, you can do to prepare to make the case the best it can be. We help with the application process. We monitor the medical progression. We assist you in the appeals. You will be getting forms you will need to complete during the process. If you are unable to complete them on your own, we can assist. We obtain specialized reports if the physicians are willing to do so and if the reports are going to be helpful. We get those records that Social Security does not obtain. We prepare you for the hearing. We give the judge a detailed position of our case. We attend the hearing with you. If we lose at the hearing, we will perform an appeal to the Appeals Council if we think there is a basis for appeal. If you are denied at the Appeals Council level, we will file in federal court to its conclusion.

If you win, we make sure the benefits are paid from the correct date and in the correct amount. We give you informational literature regarding Medicare.

Yes, we do charge a fee. But it is earned. You would be surprised to know the background work we do throughout the case. Most of it you will not hear about. For example, we monitor the appeal process to make sure that no time limits are passed by. That means constant phone calls. We respond to your questions. After we spend time doing the appeal with you, we do follow-up letters to you and the Social Security Administration. When we order records, we often have to follow up with phone calls to prod the doctors to send the records. We review the records in detail. We spend a significant amount of time on the phone that you never hear about.

The bottom line however, is that paying a fee gets you results. You do not have to worry about the process. You do not have to figure what you have to do. You simply live your life, go to your doctor visits, fill out any forms required of you, and you let us do the rest.

Why Hire A Lawyer?