VA Claims

We are expanding our practice for veterans. We have been representing veterans since 2007 in regard to service-connected claims. Currently, we are focusing on service-connected issues as opposed to medical issues or vocational issues. Representation includes filing claims to establish service-connected issues and claims for increasing ratings. We will represent you for all appeals, including appeals to the Board of Veterans Appeals, United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims and the U.S. Court of the Appeals for the Federal Circuit. I am certified in all of these courts.

As I have learned over the last few years, service-connected issues can arise from any number of circumstances. They can be injuries to the body, including the feet, legs, back and neck. They can be as result of a traumatic injury. They can be as result of repeated trauma including jet and truck repair. They can be because of parachute jumps. They can be loss of hearing because of artillery or flight decks. If you treat for condition such as diabetes or hypertension in the service, continued treatment may be service-connected. I have had veterans who have treated for psychological issues during service and have continued treatment. These conditions may be service-connected. I have had an unusual number of veterans who been sexually assaulted or harassed and are now suffering from PTSD.

When trying to prove up service-connected issues, keep in mind who you served with as well as girlfriends, boyfriends, partners and spouses. They can all add proof to your claim. The sooner you file, the better the chance you will succeed. Time hurts memories. Time destroys records. It is also important to appeal as soon as possible. The system takes forever, and you do not need to extend forever.

Keep all of your records. But keep them in order. As you know, the military and the VA are able to generate a multitude of records. It is much easier to determine what is going on if the records are in chronological order and if they are partitioned by category. For example, if you have two or more service-connected issues, he may want to separate issues. You will want to separate military records versus VA records. You will want to keep any private treatment records separate.

I have the pleasure of having access to a veteran who worked for the VA for 34 years in the service-connected claim process. He adds considerable value to analyzing and processing claims and appeals.

I am more than happy to review Ratings Decisions as well as Statements of the Case and appellate orders to see if we can assist you.

VA Claims